Memory Loss… and what can be done about it?

One of the problems with aging is that normally older people have not spent most of their lives studying about the MIND, and the brain.  And, unless you know how the MIND works [and what it’s Purpose is?], by the time you are in your later years… you have lost sufficient memory that you can’t remember what you wanted to try and not forget?

The MIND is not unlike a computer in that it keeps active that which is used, and shoves that which is not used into areas that are considered unimportant.  For instance, if you had a stroke, or you injured yourself so that you were laid up for some time… it would not be wise to jump into your car and head for the nearest on-ramp.

For most people, the MIND operates the brain, and again… like a computer, if you do not exercise the brain regarding a wide range of things, those things you do not exercise thought about… are pushed into bins labeled “unnecessary,” and they quickly become  very difficult to remember.

If you do not know what the difference between the physical brain, and the MIND  [which is essentially invisible] is… then you need to know, ASAP [as soon as possible].

Your brain is a physical muscle that resides within your skull.  It has some remarkable qualities to it, but it is also greatly overrated.  On the other hand, your MIND is a “other-worldly” wonder, without which a human being would die instantly. And  yet, modern mental health treats we human beings as thought our MINDs don’t even exist.  Imagine that! Your MIND is only slightly less important than your Soul, and yet modern mental health ignores your MIND entirely.

The reason for this is truly important [in many ways], and we will discuss this in the next blog.

Peace, Brother James


What is Karma… Really?

The term “Karma” is the simple way to refer to one of the primary principles of Life laid down by  God,  when the Creation was first established.  And, no Mystic has ever attempted to state when the Creation first began?  But, we are told the Creation has been going on for ‘eons’  [an ‘eon’ refers to millions or billions of years].

So, when Archeologists discover ancient ruins that puzzle them as to how these ruins were created… [by what they “think” of as primitive people], these ‘scholars’ tend to not consider  that mankind has existed long before the dates proposed by various fields of science.

Would this common mistake of Egotism… still be made if modern science was to consider the Reality of Reincarnation?  Perhaps it would, but I can’t help but believe that if Man was more open to Eastern Mysticism, and the Reality that both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation exist,  ancient history might more easily be seen as a form of  “pre-history”… the evidence of which is simply so destroyed and erased by natural deterioration as to be almost invisible.

The Law of Karma is simply stated in this way:  As you sow, so shall you reap! And the term Karma is Sanskrit for “action”.  So, just like we find in physics, every action taken  by a Soul [via the MIND which is attached to that Soul], sets in motion an opposite and equal re-action.  The entire Creation is based on the duality of Yin and Yang, and the Law of Karma.

The Law of Karma applies to every living thing, which has a Soul… And, if it is living, it has a Soul?  So, the carrot has a Soul, as does the 1,000 year-old tree found in various places on Earth.  What science can discover of that which supports “life” amounts to elements of the physical plane, and nothing of that which sustains the “Life” of a thing.

The whole human being is composed of four simultaneously existing, and entirely separate vibrational planes, or dimensions.  Only one of these is physical, tangible, and capable of being perceived by the physical senses of Man.  This means that three-quarters are invisible!

Yang is the male out-going energy of Man, and Yin is the female in-going energy that is emotional in nature.  The energy of the MIND is emotional energy, by the way.  And MIND-level energy is invisible to the brain, and yet, the MIND is capable of feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain  which the brain is unable to differentiate from its normal “thinking”.  I refer to this process as “DM=SI,” or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity. Fritz Perls referred to this process by the name “Scotoma,” or “blind spot”.

The second prime principle and universal law of Life is that of Reincarnation.  And Reincarnation simply means the Soul [which is permanent, and immortal], does not die when the physical body dies. At death, the brain, body, personality, and psychology of a person dies, and the Soul [with MIND attached], and  in its Astral body, is “judged” regarding the Karma that person created or completed in that lifetime?  This is mentioned in the Bible in  Hebrews 9:27.

When this “Judgement” is completed, the Karma of that person literally designs the next lifetime of that Soul.  And a Soul can Reincarnate, or Transmigrate, depending upon what will serve the growth of that Soul best?  Transmigrate means incarnating into a lower life form than that of human being.  All “judgement” is for the “good” of the Soul, in terms of the growth and maturation of that Soul.  This, of course, takes place over countless lifetimes.

So, is there anything that Man can do that is not part of creating Karma? No, one is either creating positive, or negative Karma with every thought one entertains, or action one takes.

Peace, Brother James

What is Karma… Really?

The Secret of being Honest… If one can locate “honest” within oneself?

In watching a 1937 film this morning, I was pulled back in time to a nation that was less informed, and as a consequence, more humble. It almost seems that the more ‘intelligent’ people become, the more narrow, insecure and prejudiced they become.  Or, am I mistaken?

Perhaps the growth of intelligence within a group of people is necessitated to meet the demands of the environment the people must contend with?  And too,  the complexity of an environment may also demand an increase in the amount of ‘attention’ a person must give to ones external environment?

What is “Attention” by the way?  I mean, what is taking place within oneself  when one is obligated to make use of ones cerebral attention aspect of one’s brain?  And too, if a person has a set amount of “Attention,” what difference does it make what that Attention is focused upon?

I wonder how many readers realize that we have a Left-Hemisphere, and a Right-Hemisphere of the brain… although, this is not generally emphasized, is it?  The Left-Hemisphere = [L-H], and the Right-Hemisphere = [R-H]. These two Hemispheres serve very different purposes, and they also involve very different aspects of the whole of Man.

Each person has an ‘inside’ operation, and an ‘outside’ operation.  Although the terms inside and outside are often confusing.  When we make use of the Left-Hemisphere of the brain… [L-H], there is no emotion involved. When there is emotion involved [in what one is  experiencing], well then, it is the Right-Hemisphere, or [R-H] of the brain that becomes involved… and sometimes ones MIND allows one to experience emotion… but when that emotion is perceived as a threat [to what the MIND holds hidden within itself], then ones MIND blocks ones experience of that emotion.  The MIND does this by blocking use of the [R-H], by use of  its “DM=SI” or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.

Oddly enough, there does seem to be a correlation between how intelligent a person is… which means limited to use of the [L-H] of the brain,  and a lack of awareness of emotions by that person.  Could this mean that the more an environment demands use of the [L-H] of the brain… the less access to the Right-Hemisphere people develop and possess, simply because they have not exercised the [R-H] sufficiently?  Rudeness, disrespect, anxiety, cruelty, and violence are all actions that people lacking  emotional restraint engage in.  These negative emotional actions can be engaged in by a person using the [L-H] because the [L-H] is not concerned about  emotional energy related to certain actions.

Honesty, by the way, is an emotional state that would require a person to possess an elevated use of the [R-H].  And the absence of an active {R-H] would encourage lying, or dishonesty.  Just a point to consider.

The Secret of being Honest… If one can locate “honest” within oneself?

Are You a Gnostic, or a Christian?

And… more to the point… do you know what the difference is?  My point is this:  It is quite possible to be an “intellectual” Christian, and not possess an awakened Spirit Within yourself. And it is not possible to be a Gnostic until one’s Soul has awakened to the Gnostic Reality Within oneself. Let me try to illustrate my point.


The “Path of Christianity” is for a normal human being to awaken to the Spiritual dimension hidden Within oneself.  Now, this awakening is for the Soul and it is personal, and the awakening is not due to the sect, religion, or group to which one belongs.  A Soul is “ready” to begin awakening when that Soul has accumulated a sufficient amount of “C’etc” [or the Virtues of Life,or Consciousness].

And the person whose Soul is ready… may be of any race, ethnic background,  rich or poor, educated or illiterate, or young or old?   Again, to truly comprehend the workings of the Spirit and the Soul of Man, one must be open to more of what Man is?   Alas, this itself requires a certain level of Enlightenment that most people do not possess.  It also requires one to step outside of the fears and prejudices one has been taught.

The term “Consciousness” is thought to be known by many educated people.  But, what they believe they KNOW about Consciousness consists of Abstract ideas meant to fool a person into believing that he or she “knows” things that he or she has not actually experienced.   And I refer to this process… and the information this process provides as Delusional Thinking, or “D-Think”.  And D-Think are thoughts fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain by ones MIND.

But if you are not familiar with your MIND [which many are not] that is yet another area of the unknown that must be addressed before we can properly discuss any of what this blog is about.  And isn’t that a strange thing for me to write?  I mean, who do I imagine myself to be… that I would suggest those reading this might not be able to understanding what I am pointing to with my writing?    Well, since I KNOW what I am writing, and I also KNOW that what I am writing “about” cannot be conveyed by the words I am using…  does  what I just said make sense?

That is… the term “Esoteric” refers to phenomena which cannot be perceived by the brain and physical senses.  This means that there are physical phenomena and there are invisible phenomena.  The brain can experience the physical phenomena, but the brain cannot experience phenomena that is not physical.  And being non-physical, such Esoteric phenomena are invisible to the brain and physical senses.

Generally speaking, Man refers to the Esoteric phenomena of Life as either the “unknown,” or we coin or create words or labels to stand for,or point to that which we cannot perceive with our physical senses.  These terms, labels or symbols are called “Abstract words, terms, labels or symbols”.

One example of this is the word “Soul”.  No one on Earth has seen a Soul.  And yet, most people believe they “know” what the Soul is.  What causes us to “think” we know something we really do not know… is our MINDs.  And even the term MIND is an “Abstract Term”.  That is, many people confuse the term brain and the term MIND as being one in the same.  People do this because BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’] has no idea what the difference between the brain and the MIND is.  And so, those people trained in “psychology” by those in change of BS&bp [at least since the early 1900s], receive no training  in the subject of  Psychology that was given to the world by the ancient Greeks, some 2,000 years ago.

The result of this is that Western civilization has received less and less education regarding the whole of Man for over a century.   And this denial of three-quarters of the whole of Man has had a deleterious impact on removing the West from the whole of Man.  This impact has been gradual, and thus subtle, but it has also been substantial.  With no training in either the MIND, or any  of the many   Esoteric phenomena that exist ‘Within’ Man, it would not be surprising that  today, in 2016, mankind knows less about the whole human being that we did a century ago.  Today, it is not uncommon to have many educated individuals completely unaware of the MIND, or how important it is in understanding Man?

But that is just an aspect of a giant problem Man has on this Earth.  At the Core of this problem is the term “Intelack” [defined Here].


Peace, Brother James

Are You a Gnostic, or a Christian?

Three Reasons Acquiring Spirituality is so DIFFICULT…

Reasons in order of difficulty…

1, the most difficult reason:  Let me explain this reason in this way… Look in a mirror, and what you are looking for is your Spirituality, which is invisible, and thus, the ONLY part of you that can “see” your own Spirituality is a little-known aspect of your Apapsyche [Operational Energy of your Soul]… called “Intuition,” which is also invisible, and cannot be perceived by your brain, or your MIND.

2,  the second most difficult reason is this:  The vast majority of leaders in Christianity insist that the term “faith” can do the same thing that experiential Knowledge of your Spirituality can do.  This is like saying that if you ‘think’ about a new car hard enough, when you walk outside, a new car will be in your driveway.  Only  problem with this is that only you can “see” the car.  And good luck on getting it registered.

3. the third most difficult reason is this:  The third reason acquiring your Spirituality is difficult is your MIND [which is invisible], and it also has a little-known faculty I refer to as the “DM=SI,” Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.  This fully invisible process of the MIND operates automatically, and it’s purpose is to prevent you from becoming aware of what your MIND holds hidden within itself… AND also, any part of your Spiritual dimension, which includes your Soul, and its Apapsyche… is also invisible to, and fearful to, your MIND.

So, other than these three difficult challenges, there is nothing preventing you from discovering your Spirituality… if your Soul has completed the necessary Karma to have  acquired the Knowledge of your Spirituality, which is, of course, invisible to both your brain and your MIND.


Brother James

Three Reasons Acquiring Spirituality is so DIFFICULT…

To Imagine Psychology does not include Spirituality, is naive

The whole of Man comprises four simultaneously existing [operating] dimensions, and only one of these is physical.  However, the Intelack type individual [that is, the person whose Soul lacks “C’etc” [research C’etc  Here]… is unable to access the Esoteric, or invisible dimensions Within him/herself.  The term “Within” specifically refers to the three dimensions inside of Man that include the two dimensions of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension, which we refer to as the Soul.

In other words… each of us is composed of these four simultaneously operating dimensions, and only one of these is crucial to Life.  As soon as the Spiritual dimension of Man is removed, Man dies.  It is not the heart stopping that causes a person to die.  It is the removal of the Spiritual dimension [or Soul] from one’s Whole body that causes death.

And attached to one’s Soul is a MIND, that was added to each Soul when we Souls first entered the Creation, eons past.  Perhaps the primary reason we in the West fail to appreciate the complexity of the whole of Man is that three-quarters of the whole are composed of vibrational energies that are not part of this physical universe.

In other words, Man has a Soul, but that Soul does not even exist as part of this physical dimension.  So, how does this Soul operate the physical body?   The Soul does not operate the body… the MIND does.  It is the Lower MIND that directs the brain, which in turn directs the physiology of Man.  And both the Soul and MIND [the two aspects thereof] exist as part of Man, but neither are actually part of this physical dimension.  If one is not aware of the mystical in Life, one is not capable of conceiving  what I am describing here.

And this brings us to the fact there are two very different types of people on Earth, and yet… we cannot “see” this difference.  Nor can we discern it by intellectual means.  The only way to “experience” these Esoteric dimensions [and the differences these dimensions subtly create Within us], is by Enlightenment.  And Enlightenment is the term we use to refer to Souls that have acquired substantial C’etc [or the Virtues of Life].

And…. the story of the Esoteric dimensions of the Reality of Life continues… but who in America has been educated to have an interest in the unknown of Life?


Brother James

To Imagine Psychology does not include Spirituality, is naive

Why the Oxymoron “Behavioral Psychology” is failing…

Save1 This logo says “Demand Training in the MIND”. Of course not everyone realizes that Man contains a brain [which is physical], and a MIND, which is composed of two Esoteric dimensions of Man :  The Lower MIND, and the Higher MIND.

Now the whole of Man is composed of four vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical, and thus capable of being perceived by the brain and physical senses.  This means that three-quarters of the whole of Man are dimensions that are invisible to the brain.  Three Quarters of the whole of Man are invisible to the brain.

And, what does the oxymoron  Behavioral Psychology say regarding the MIND of Man? This was stated many years ago by B.F. Skinner, who is quoted by Richard I Evans, in his book: B.F. Skinner, The Man and His Ideas, New York: E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968.
A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.

In this statement, Skinner refers to the MIND as “the child of our past,” and says to believe in the MIND is ” a form of animism”. I believe Skinner believed this for two reasons: One is his ego [bolstered by his Intellectualism] caused him to believe this, and two, he was quite ignorant of the field of Psychology.

This was in the early 1900s. and because this “Delusional Thinking” of Skinner was taken seriously… this opened the flood gates for others, who were as fearful of the Esoteric dimensions of Man as Skinner was… to now join a new ” form of psychology” that purposely denied those elements of Man that are “key” to the study of Psychology.  In other words, to study the ‘behavior’ of Man, and ASSUME such behavior was merely in response to phenomena taking place OUTSIDE OF A PERSON.  This is what Skinner, and his fellow behaviorists , ‘learned’ as part of their study of Behavioral Science…which simply denies three-quarters of Man as… too difficult to understand.

The result is “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’] which is now the ‘standard’ of “psychology” in America, and it denies, ignores, and does its best to eliminate  three-quarters of the Whole Human Being.  That is, BS&bp teaches us to study Man without considering the MIND or Spiritual dimensions at all. And the result is what we have today:  A field of licensed professions in “MENTAL” Health,  and none of them have any idea what the MIND is, where it is, or how it operates Within Man?

So, the fact that many Veterans are committing suicide daily is a direct result of the gross ignorance of the field of “psychology” today regarding that which causes ALL CONFLICTS IN PEOPLE… The human MIND.  The reason sexually conflicted individuals are expanding at an alarming rate  of increase in America is a direct result of professional ignorance regarding the MIND of Man… which is the intention of BS&bp who now controls “mental” health and “psychology”in America today.

Until some authority in the nation is brave enough to face down the hysterical fear of the MIND by much of “psychology” today [or “BS&bp”], the mentally ill of America will continue to spread like a plague.  BS&bp stands for  “Behavioral Science and the oxymoron behavioral psychology”.

Brother James

Why the Oxymoron “Behavioral Psychology” is failing…