What is Karma… Really?

The term “Karma” is the simple way to refer to one of the primary principles of Life laid down by  God,  when the Creation was first established.  And, no Mystic has ever attempted to state when the Creation first began?  But, we are told the Creation has been going on for ‘eons’  [an ‘eon’ refers to millions or billions of years].

So, when Archeologists discover ancient ruins that puzzle them as to how these ruins were created… [by what they “think” of as primitive people], these ‘scholars’ tend to not consider  that mankind has existed long before the dates proposed by various fields of science.

Would this common mistake of Egotism… still be made if modern science was to consider the Reality of Reincarnation?  Perhaps it would, but I can’t help but believe that if Man was more open to Eastern Mysticism, and the Reality that both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation exist,  ancient history might more easily be seen as a form of  “pre-history”… the evidence of which is simply so destroyed and erased by natural deterioration as to be almost invisible.

The Law of Karma is simply stated in this way:  As you sow, so shall you reap! And the term Karma is Sanskrit for “action”.  So, just like we find in physics, every action taken  by a Soul [via the MIND which is attached to that Soul], sets in motion an opposite and equal re-action.  The entire Creation is based on the duality of Yin and Yang, and the Law of Karma.

The Law of Karma applies to every living thing, which has a Soul… And, if it is living, it has a Soul?  So, the carrot has a Soul, as does the 1,000 year-old tree found in various places on Earth.  What science can discover of that which supports “life” amounts to elements of the physical plane, and nothing of that which sustains the “Life” of a thing.

The whole human being is composed of four simultaneously existing, and entirely separate vibrational planes, or dimensions.  Only one of these is physical, tangible, and capable of being perceived by the physical senses of Man.  This means that three-quarters are invisible!

Yang is the male out-going energy of Man, and Yin is the female in-going energy that is emotional in nature.  The energy of the MIND is emotional energy, by the way.  And MIND-level energy is invisible to the brain, and yet, the MIND is capable of feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain  which the brain is unable to differentiate from its normal “thinking”.  I refer to this process as “DM=SI,” or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity. Fritz Perls referred to this process by the name “Scotoma,” or “blind spot”.

The second prime principle and universal law of Life is that of Reincarnation.  And Reincarnation simply means the Soul [which is permanent, and immortal], does not die when the physical body dies. At death, the brain, body, personality, and psychology of a person dies, and the Soul [with MIND attached], and  in its Astral body, is “judged” regarding the Karma that person created or completed in that lifetime?  This is mentioned in the Bible in  Hebrews 9:27.

When this “Judgement” is completed, the Karma of that person literally designs the next lifetime of that Soul.  And a Soul can Reincarnate, or Transmigrate, depending upon what will serve the growth of that Soul best?  Transmigrate means incarnating into a lower life form than that of human being.  All “judgement” is for the “good” of the Soul, in terms of the growth and maturation of that Soul.  This, of course, takes place over countless lifetimes.

So, is there anything that Man can do that is not part of creating Karma? No, one is either creating positive, or negative Karma with every thought one entertains, or action one takes.

Peace, Brother James

What is Karma… Really?

What Type Person “abuses” Children?

In the whole of life, I believe the person who abuses, takes advantage of,  harms, or sexually uses a child, deserves a special kind of Hell… and fortunately, that special kind of Hell awaits all who harm children.

Of course I believe this because I have steeped myself in the mystical study of life for a great many years.  And, although what I am about to share is not well known in the West, it is quite well known in the East.

The Law of Karma is not some theory, it is a principle Law of Life, as designed by and put in operation by God. Along with the Reality of Reincarnation, the Law of Karma is defined this way:  As you sow [engage in a Karmic action], that exact same action will come back to you to experience in precisely the same way in which you engaged in the act of Karma in the first place.  This is the essential Truth of Life, and it matters not at all how long a period intervenes between your  action, and the return of your action?  And this often means several lifetimes after your action, that specific action will take place…. and you WILL experience the same precise action that you engaged in originally.

In fact, a single act of Karma can necessitate a Soul having to reincarnate… just to go through some act of Karma that is due that Soul.  He who would scoff at this, may do so, but the fact remains … every act of Karma MUST BE EXPERIENCED BY THE PERSON INITIATING THAT ACT.

So. if you are an adult homosexual, and you seduce a child, convincing that child that he/she is a homosexual, then that same thing will occur to you in some future lifetime.  This is the Reality of Karma in action.  No one eludes the Law of Karma.  It is an Absolute fact of Life.  Actually, only a fool denies the Law of Karma.

I mention this, hoping to encourage some restraint upon those who would “test” the Law of Karma?  No one, and I mean, absolutely no one escapes the Law of Karma. Every action taken WILL result in that  exact same action occurring to oneself.  If not in this very lifetime, then in some future lifetime.

A word to the wise should be heeded, but it seldom is.

The type of person who would abuse a child? Well, oddly… Islam teaches such abuse, then all people who lack Conscience are prone to do so, and of course, all people who are godless, or lacking Consciousness, like the Intelack type individual.

Peace, Brother James

What Type Person “abuses” Children?

We Souls Change…

We Souls

This illustration depicts the older Soul that is Enlightened, not just a Soul that has lived a number of lifetimes as a human being.  Because… it is quite possible to have lived a number of lifetimes and NOT BE ENLIGHTENED, and not be a human being.  Do not be naive in thinking that all the animals you see have always been animals… or conversely, all the people you see will not ‘transmigrate’ into the forms of animals in future lives.

The Ladder of Life, in other words, goes up as well as it goes down!  The ‘key’ is for a Soul to continue to successfully convert negative Karma into Consciousness.  Rather than get too involved in negativity, attachment, or in things not ‘up-lifting’ of one’s Soul,  and thus lose ground, or move the wrong direction on the Ladder of Life.

Also, the label ‘New Human Being’ in the illustration refers to the Soul that is being born as a human being for the first time.

What the West tends to miss [ignore and deny] is the fact that a new born child is not necessarily a new human being!  Most human beings, in point of fact, have been a human being before, and this means these Soul was successful in their last lives as a human beings… because they “earned” another birth as a human being… This is not always the case with people… especially those who “act” like animals.

That is, every living thing has a Soul.  The Soul of a thing is what gives that thing life. All living things require Souls in order to operate. And the goal of every Soul [whether recognized or not] is to slowly climb the Ladder of Life as it matures [by completing Karma, and thus, creating C’etc, (or the Virtues of Life)… which is the Purpose of Life].

Life is therefore a “process,” and all Souls that have committed to the cycle of life and death, are part of that process.

Reference: The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson, available in most libraries.

Peace, Brother James

We Souls Change…


And by ‘enemy’ I mean those people whose lack of Spiritual Evolution causes them to naturally be drawn into the field of evil, evil deeds, thoughts, actions and associations. And the reason for this is [at least to me], somewhat fascinating.

You see, there are two different types of people on Earth.  But what makes people different is not something we can see with our eyes, and so… most people are unaware of this difference, although many are aware of the “symptoms” of this difference as exhibited by one class of people.  And the nature of Man [and in fact the nature of the Creation itself] is such that this difference is supposed to be invisible… so that we do not become aware of it. And the reason for this is that once a person becomes aware of this difference he or she will begin to change substantially.

And this ‘change’ involves the war between good and evil. That is, as a person begins to become aware of evil… a person will automatically begin to resist and avoid evil. And my saying this, as I just did, is easy to do.  But the way in which a person becomes aware of evil is not easy, nor simple…  In fact, it requires many lifetimes of effort, and a great deal of pain and suffering. And this process is personal and experiential, and it also requires several trips to various Hells in which ones MIND receives re-education, specifically designed to “teach” ones MIND to cease certain desires which always result in evil.

To become aware of evil, in other words, means doing negative Karma,  and then at the time of death, one’s actions of that lifetime are judged, and ones Soul [with MIND attached] must spend time in various Hells, each of which is designed to cause ones MIND to develop a phobia regarding certain desires… which naturally result in pain and suffering.  This is not well known in the West, because Christianity [many scholars suggest, and mystics agree] has undergone some revision of scriptures by the Popes between the 5th and 15th centuries.

So, it is suggested that direct reference to the Law of Karma designed by God was removed from the Scriptures.  And also removed were references to Reincarnation.  And with these two crucial elements of the Reality of Life missing in the West, we run into the major problem the West faces in trying to comprehend the hatred of a class of people whose Souls lack Spiritual Consciousness.

The Crusades were fought precisely between these two different types of people, and every war is fought between these two different types of people. One group driven by the MIND, and the other group seeking to rise above the MIND. And the Earth is already into WWIII, and still the West is lost, and ignorant regarding the class of people dedicated to killing America and Americans, who this class of people refer to as the great Satan.

The peculiar paradox and insane nature of this coming war is that it is being fought due to Delusional Thinking created by the MINDs of people who are told by their MINDs that the Spirituality of the West is false, and thus of Satan.  And my point here is not who is right or wrong, but that the BELIEFS are held by a group of people whose level of Consciousness will not allow them to believe other than they do. This is their belief for this lifetime… period.

To try and reason, placate, or satisfy the desires of a people who are filled with fear and hate, is not possible to do. And anyone who believes it is possible is delusional, or insane.  And President Obama is both delusional and insane.  And yet, the nation [I believe because Obama is black] is reluctant to remove Obama, even though he will destroy America if left in office.

The enemy is ignorance [or a lack of Spiritual Evolution] and this ignorance is centuries old, and it will not be cured, but must be eliminated.  But to do this requires a people who have the will to survive, and is brave enough to remove an insane President.


Bother James


The Law of Karma… for Westerners

Many people use the term ‘karma,’ but few of those people know that this term “stands for” the primary, essential, and absolute genius of God.

With an Earth, swollen with people of all kinds, a bit over 6 billion at last count, how in the world would one  insure Perfect Justice, Fairness and Equality for each and every one of these 6 billion people?  This was the problem facing God before He first projected a stepped-down Spiritual Energy into the void, to initiate the Creation.

In my view, and this is also the view of many mystics throughout history, God resolved the problem of Fairness and Equality in a very unique way.  God devised a means by which each and every Soul would determine its own life, and its own Fate Karma for each lifetime, and in this process, each Soul would also determine the direction and nature of its own growth!  What God devised, and insured by attaching a MIND to each Soul that entered the Creation [and every Soul had to enter the Creation, even those Souls that did not want to leave God].  To accommodate those Souls that did not want to leave God,  God  “marked” every Soul that did not want to leave God… but had to… in order to fair to every Soul.

The Purpose of Life is for every Soul to have an equal opportunity of eventually obtaining sufficient Knowledge of everything that Neutral Spiritual Energy [or NSgy] could be?  To enable this gathering of Knowledge, God devised the Law of Karma. And the Law of Karma operates on a simple principle:  “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.

In other words, every thought and action a Soul takes, which is described as the use of Yang [male, out-going energy], initiates a Yin [female in-going energy] that mirrors precisely the same,  but opposite energy, that must come back to oneself at some point in that Soul’s exploration of Life.  The “catch,” so to speak… is that if a person resists, or reacts to the return of some action taken by that person [regardless in what lifetime the original action was taken],  then that refusal to assume responsibility for that returning Karmic action… sets that same action in motion again, and at some future point, that Soul will be given an opportunity to once again ACCEPT responsibility for that action…  WITHOUT ANY RESISTANCE.  If the Karmic action is not accepted, then it will come around again, and again… until that Soul eventually assumes responsibility for that action, and holds the messenger blameless, and forgives the person returning that Karma entirely.  This is what Christ meant when he said “turn the other cheek,” and not to “judge”.

It is difficult for people not raised in a culture that comprehends the nature of Karma, and in particular in a culture that is taught that ones Soul only has one life in which to achieve Perfection…  to grasp the genius of God in devising the Perfect means of ensuring absolute fairness and justice for every Soul.   The Purpose of Life  is for every Soul to achieve a level of Consciousness [a substantial amount of Truth (Self-Realization) by accumulating the Virtues of Life, which I label Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding].

And the Purpose of Life is achieved by the operations of the Law of Karma coupled with Reincarnation, or the fact that we Souls have as many lifetimes as we require to either enjoy the play of Life and the endless temptations of life on Earth;  or in the alternative, to struggle against the desires of the MIND, and resist the temptations of Life, in an attempt to complete Karma by forgiveness and surrendering to the fact that we are responsible for everything that happens to us.  And yes, to assume personal responsibility for everything that happens to oneself is a very hard thing to do.  But, this is the ONLY way in which ones Soul acquires and accumulates the bits of Truth [“C’etc“]  that will, eventually free ones Soul from the cycle of birth and death.  And once ones Soul accumulates sufficient C’etc, this will create a level of Enlightenment that will allow one to “see” the door marked EXIT.

Now, for Christians… this Law is just as binding as for every Soul in Creation, but for Christians, they have the Master Christ, who set forth the exact same requirements, and teachings [except the Popes removed both the Law of Karma and Reincarnation from the scriptures during the 5th to the 15th centuries].


Brother James

The Law of Karma… for Westerners