When Does One Lose Fear?

The deeper question is this:   What causes fear?

And the answer is this:  Fear is the natural emotion of the unknown, which is the natural existence of Spirituality when in  its inexperienced form, which is the form in which it is normally active “Within” those who are not Enlightened.

If this sounds like a puzzle, it is a puzzle: In fact… it is the Puzzle of Life. A puzzle because Spirituality is perceived as Nothing by the brain, physical senses, and the MIND.  Therefore, Nothing is correctly  referred to as the “unknown” when it can only be perceived as nothing.  But Nothing is neither Nothing, nor is it the unknown, because it is the Energy of the Spirit that exists in the Soul of Man.

Mystics have many names for this ‘unknown,’ and Christ referred to it as the Word, Spirit, and the Holy Ghost.  I refer to it by the symbol NSgy, which stands for Neutral Spiritual Energy.  And the NSgy in Man can only be experienced by the faculty of Intuition, in the form of subtle bits of Truth, which are provided to one’s Conscious Awareness [or C-Awar]  as one is “ready” to awaken to a particular bit of Truth?

What we refer to as fear, is usually a form of anxiety regarding something we sense is about to occur, but we are unable to identity that something, which means it is unknown to us.   And most certainly we do not expect we are afraid of Nothing.

Although… in Truth, it is precisely Nothing that we fear.  And Nothing is NSgy, or the Energy of Spirituality, or God.  So, unknown to us, we are actually afraid of God, since we have not [as yet] awakened to the NSgy hidden Within ourselves.

Mystically, as one’s Soul begins to focus Within itself [rather than outside of oneself], the unknown aspect of Nothing begins to be “experienced” as NSgy, and this increases our experiential Knowledge of God, thus subtly removing the unknown aspects of Life… which means… reducing fear of the unknown.

This transformation is facilitated by increased prayer or Mediation.


When Does One Lose Fear?

Are You a Gnostic, or a Christian?

And… more to the point… do you know what the difference is?  My point is this:  It is quite possible to be an “intellectual” Christian, and not possess an awakened Spirit Within yourself. And it is not possible to be a Gnostic until one’s Soul has awakened to the Gnostic Reality Within oneself. Let me try to illustrate my point.


The “Path of Christianity” is for a normal human being to awaken to the Spiritual dimension hidden Within oneself.  Now, this awakening is for the Soul and it is personal, and the awakening is not due to the sect, religion, or group to which one belongs.  A Soul is “ready” to begin awakening when that Soul has accumulated a sufficient amount of “C’etc” [or the Virtues of Life,or Consciousness].

And the person whose Soul is ready… may be of any race, ethnic background,  rich or poor, educated or illiterate, or young or old?   Again, to truly comprehend the workings of the Spirit and the Soul of Man, one must be open to more of what Man is?   Alas, this itself requires a certain level of Enlightenment that most people do not possess.  It also requires one to step outside of the fears and prejudices one has been taught.

The term “Consciousness” is thought to be known by many educated people.  But, what they believe they KNOW about Consciousness consists of Abstract ideas meant to fool a person into believing that he or she “knows” things that he or she has not actually experienced.   And I refer to this process… and the information this process provides as Delusional Thinking, or “D-Think”.  And D-Think are thoughts fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain by ones MIND.

But if you are not familiar with your MIND [which many are not] that is yet another area of the unknown that must be addressed before we can properly discuss any of what this blog is about.  And isn’t that a strange thing for me to write?  I mean, who do I imagine myself to be… that I would suggest those reading this might not be able to understanding what I am pointing to with my writing?    Well, since I KNOW what I am writing, and I also KNOW that what I am writing “about” cannot be conveyed by the words I am using…  does  what I just said make sense?

That is… the term “Esoteric” refers to phenomena which cannot be perceived by the brain and physical senses.  This means that there are physical phenomena and there are invisible phenomena.  The brain can experience the physical phenomena, but the brain cannot experience phenomena that is not physical.  And being non-physical, such Esoteric phenomena are invisible to the brain and physical senses.

Generally speaking, Man refers to the Esoteric phenomena of Life as either the “unknown,” or we coin or create words or labels to stand for,or point to that which we cannot perceive with our physical senses.  These terms, labels or symbols are called “Abstract words, terms, labels or symbols”.

One example of this is the word “Soul”.  No one on Earth has seen a Soul.  And yet, most people believe they “know” what the Soul is.  What causes us to “think” we know something we really do not know… is our MINDs.  And even the term MIND is an “Abstract Term”.  That is, many people confuse the term brain and the term MIND as being one in the same.  People do this because BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’] has no idea what the difference between the brain and the MIND is.  And so, those people trained in “psychology” by those in change of BS&bp [at least since the early 1900s], receive no training  in the subject of  Psychology that was given to the world by the ancient Greeks, some 2,000 years ago.

The result of this is that Western civilization has received less and less education regarding the whole of Man for over a century.   And this denial of three-quarters of the whole of Man has had a deleterious impact on removing the West from the whole of Man.  This impact has been gradual, and thus subtle, but it has also been substantial.  With no training in either the MIND, or any  of the many   Esoteric phenomena that exist ‘Within’ Man, it would not be surprising that  today, in 2016, mankind knows less about the whole human being that we did a century ago.  Today, it is not uncommon to have many educated individuals completely unaware of the MIND, or how important it is in understanding Man?

But that is just an aspect of a giant problem Man has on this Earth.  At the Core of this problem is the term “Intelack” [defined Here].


Peace, Brother James

Are You a Gnostic, or a Christian?

To Imagine Psychology does not include Spirituality, is naive

The whole of Man comprises four simultaneously existing [operating] dimensions, and only one of these is physical.  However, the Intelack type individual [that is, the person whose Soul lacks “C’etc” [research C’etc  Here]… is unable to access the Esoteric, or invisible dimensions Within him/herself.  The term “Within” specifically refers to the three dimensions inside of Man that include the two dimensions of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension, which we refer to as the Soul.

In other words… each of us is composed of these four simultaneously operating dimensions, and only one of these is crucial to Life.  As soon as the Spiritual dimension of Man is removed, Man dies.  It is not the heart stopping that causes a person to die.  It is the removal of the Spiritual dimension [or Soul] from one’s Whole body that causes death.

And attached to one’s Soul is a MIND, that was added to each Soul when we Souls first entered the Creation, eons past.  Perhaps the primary reason we in the West fail to appreciate the complexity of the whole of Man is that three-quarters of the whole are composed of vibrational energies that are not part of this physical universe.

In other words, Man has a Soul, but that Soul does not even exist as part of this physical dimension.  So, how does this Soul operate the physical body?   The Soul does not operate the body… the MIND does.  It is the Lower MIND that directs the brain, which in turn directs the physiology of Man.  And both the Soul and MIND [the two aspects thereof] exist as part of Man, but neither are actually part of this physical dimension.  If one is not aware of the mystical in Life, one is not capable of conceiving  what I am describing here.

And this brings us to the fact there are two very different types of people on Earth, and yet… we cannot “see” this difference.  Nor can we discern it by intellectual means.  The only way to “experience” these Esoteric dimensions [and the differences these dimensions subtly create Within us], is by Enlightenment.  And Enlightenment is the term we use to refer to Souls that have acquired substantial C’etc [or the Virtues of Life].

And…. the story of the Esoteric dimensions of the Reality of Life continues… but who in America has been educated to have an interest in the unknown of Life?


Brother James

To Imagine Psychology does not include Spirituality, is naive


And by ‘enemy’ I mean those people whose lack of Spiritual Evolution causes them to naturally be drawn into the field of evil, evil deeds, thoughts, actions and associations. And the reason for this is [at least to me], somewhat fascinating.

You see, there are two different types of people on Earth.  But what makes people different is not something we can see with our eyes, and so… most people are unaware of this difference, although many are aware of the “symptoms” of this difference as exhibited by one class of people.  And the nature of Man [and in fact the nature of the Creation itself] is such that this difference is supposed to be invisible… so that we do not become aware of it. And the reason for this is that once a person becomes aware of this difference he or she will begin to change substantially.

And this ‘change’ involves the war between good and evil. That is, as a person begins to become aware of evil… a person will automatically begin to resist and avoid evil. And my saying this, as I just did, is easy to do.  But the way in which a person becomes aware of evil is not easy, nor simple…  In fact, it requires many lifetimes of effort, and a great deal of pain and suffering. And this process is personal and experiential, and it also requires several trips to various Hells in which ones MIND receives re-education, specifically designed to “teach” ones MIND to cease certain desires which always result in evil.

To become aware of evil, in other words, means doing negative Karma,  and then at the time of death, one’s actions of that lifetime are judged, and ones Soul [with MIND attached] must spend time in various Hells, each of which is designed to cause ones MIND to develop a phobia regarding certain desires… which naturally result in pain and suffering.  This is not well known in the West, because Christianity [many scholars suggest, and mystics agree] has undergone some revision of scriptures by the Popes between the 5th and 15th centuries.

So, it is suggested that direct reference to the Law of Karma designed by God was removed from the Scriptures.  And also removed were references to Reincarnation.  And with these two crucial elements of the Reality of Life missing in the West, we run into the major problem the West faces in trying to comprehend the hatred of a class of people whose Souls lack Spiritual Consciousness.

The Crusades were fought precisely between these two different types of people, and every war is fought between these two different types of people. One group driven by the MIND, and the other group seeking to rise above the MIND. And the Earth is already into WWIII, and still the West is lost, and ignorant regarding the class of people dedicated to killing America and Americans, who this class of people refer to as the great Satan.

The peculiar paradox and insane nature of this coming war is that it is being fought due to Delusional Thinking created by the MINDs of people who are told by their MINDs that the Spirituality of the West is false, and thus of Satan.  And my point here is not who is right or wrong, but that the BELIEFS are held by a group of people whose level of Consciousness will not allow them to believe other than they do. This is their belief for this lifetime… period.

To try and reason, placate, or satisfy the desires of a people who are filled with fear and hate, is not possible to do. And anyone who believes it is possible is delusional, or insane.  And President Obama is both delusional and insane.  And yet, the nation [I believe because Obama is black] is reluctant to remove Obama, even though he will destroy America if left in office.

The enemy is ignorance [or a lack of Spiritual Evolution] and this ignorance is centuries old, and it will not be cured, but must be eliminated.  But to do this requires a people who have the will to survive, and is brave enough to remove an insane President.


Bother James


Time Seems Long… But is it?

Each day I am aware of my MIND subtly causing me to imagine that there is all the time in the world… despite what is portrayed on the social media, and on the news channels on television, all of which indicate — to anyone who is conscious at all– that the battle between good and evil is being won by evil.

Have you considered the reason the MIND does this?  Or why it persists in attempting to convince us that we have lots of time… to play, act foolish, and to believe that somehow everything will be OK.  That there is no rush, urgency, or great need to attend to a Reality that is not at all evident before us?

Only the great mystics seem to be in constant remembrance of the difference between the illusion of life [or what we ‘think’ as real], and the Reality of life who’s invisible motions are pushing the hands of the clock faster and faster.

How much of your day is spent in deep remembrance of God?  Or put another way… will 10% of your waking day really be enough to outweigh the thoughts, words, and deeds projected in anger, impatience, and frustration?  Just asking, since the balance scale is yet another thing we are not allowed to see.


Brother James

Time Seems Long… But is it?